This is all about where I work

I have been working for Federal Express for over 15 years now. When I first started this was supposed to be "temporary money" until I got a decent band together and start rocking and rolling. Well guess what, it didn't happen. Instead my daughter Megan came along and changed my whole world. Well I needed something with benefits so 15 years later here I am.

I didn't think about becoming an aircraft mechanic until my older brother Richard, who at the time was in the air guard. He pointed out the Aircraft Mechanics and told me how much they make. Well I was still working on cars on the side and saw that so I started school in January of 1994. After school I worked on crop dusters and general aviation. Those guys are overworked and underpaid. General aviation is mostly a labor of love. After that I worked for an outfit called Airlink. Well that was pretty fun but working at FedEx and airlink was pretty rough at times. I was literally working 7 days a week. Finally in December of 1997 Fedex was hiring at LAX in Los Angeles. I soon left memphis and ended up in LAX as a FedEx aircraft mechanic Jan. 5th 1998. Got transferred back to memphis in 2000 and I'm in Hangars 11&12 in MEM. These are a few things I see everyday-